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With over 15 years of comprehensive experience, AsiaLink is one of Brazil’s preferred market leaders in retail and construction product development and acquisition from the Asian Region.AsiaLink recognizes to navigate this market place requires an in-depth expertise and technical competency for any business to be quality driven, profitable and efficient. Understanding the processes involved at each stage of the transaction is critical to successful product development and order fulfillment.Proprietary software tools are being used to accurately register and track each phase of the delivery process and proactively anticipate and resolve the possible barriers and identify the relevant legislations which are crucial for the success of order process.

With a specialized and experienced team, Asialink have successfully developed product lines for over 50 clients in Brazil, whilst enhancing client experience, mitigating production and operational risks, ensuring seamless optimization of the import process and guaranteeing deliveries with quality and precision.We believe that transparency is an essential requirement for reliability.

A message from our CEO

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make our company an outstanding provider of services.

We have earned the trust and respect of our clients for one simple reason — we are trustworthy. In a business world where uncertainties are at high, Asialink comes with its experience to ensure a reliable and neat import process. We have only one objective: to ensure our clients mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of quality, efficiency and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost. Our know-how ensures that vital stages of the import process are maintained on schedule and at the highest quality. Asialink’s clients come to us with confidence that we have the expertise to take product development and service delivery to the next level of performance.

Let’s not forget about our team. They are experts in their fields. They bring a strong service ethos to everything they do. They take pride and ownership in the jobs they do. We bring passion, pride and experience together.

Asialink’s corporate culture is defined by a simple set of corporate values that define how we operate every single day – Trust, Reliability, Efficiency, and Safety. They reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, our suppliers and our communities. I hope this provides you with a few reasons to get to know Asialink better. Whether you are a potential client, a small business partner, a supplier or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring service to life.

Alessandro Vechi

Established in August 2008, Asialink is a pioneer within the Brazilian marketplace offering the end-to-end service of developing and creating bespoke brands for imported products in the home and construction business sectors out of the Asian region. We are the benchmark in the country in providing these services in this area.

Our core function is providing support during the acquisition and import process with a specific focus on comprehensive client care solutions and aftersales services. Our primary tasks include independent supplier viability verification, personalized branding and product line development, bespoke labelling and packaging design, logistics and customs administration.AsiaLink has its own team of experts in Brazil and China, with over 15 years of experience. We pride ourselves on creating and closely cultivating trusted and reliable business relationships between our clients and rigorously vetted suppliers.

We are here to help you generate competitive and secure business in the Asian market.

Our Services


• Business development support;

• Legal requirements of products;

• Search for reliable suppliers;

• Factory auditing and sample shipment;

• Order placement and management of supplier payment;

• Creation of bespoke branding and packaging;

• Access to business fairs;

• Suppliers visit agenda;

• Support for Chinese visa;


• Managing production and deadlines;

• Logistics planning;

• Consolidated shipment;

• Preparation of shipping documents;

• Assistance to obtain licenses and certifications;

• Hiring freight and cargo insurance;

• Pre-shipment inspection;


• Customs assistance;

• Support from our design team for sales material;

• Quality follow-up on arrival;

• Sales analysis and product improvement;

Consultancy and client care solutions
at all stages of the import process.

Our primary tasks include independent supplier viability verification, personalized branding and product line development, bespoke labelling and packaging design, logistics and customs administration.

International logistics
and clearance.

AsiaLink provides skilled logistical support, working in partnership with its clients' service providers or recommending specialized partner companies.

Bespoke Branding.

AsiaLink has a team of designers to develop bespoke labels and product data for our clients, applying and adapting the labels to comply with legal and regulatory standards required by the country.

Quality control and certifications.

AsiaLink utilizes a proprietary order tracking and fulfillment software and has its own team of inspectors, carrying out factory audits and pre-shipment inspections on 100% of its orders, according to the International Standard AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit).

Supplier Visits & Business Fairs

AsiaLink organizes technical trips to Asia, including visits to current and potential suppliers and participation in major trade fairs such as the Canton Fair.

This work includes organizing and optimizing the agenda, logistics and travel planning, as well as local support with professionals from our team for supplier development.

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